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"What You Gonna Bring" - Daniel Thielman Mix Infuses Fresh Vibes into Biker Psychedelia Alt Rock

Updated: Feb 3

A Remix Extravaganza: Daniel Thielman's Mix Takes Lord Sonny the Unifier's Party Invitation to New Heights

Daniel Thielman © 2024


Lord Sonny the Unifier's party anthem, "What You Gonna Bring," receives a vibrant makeover in the Daniel Thielman Mix, promising a fresh and dynamic experience. The original track, featuring vocals, guitars, synths by Greg Jirtitano, and a stellar lineup, gets a remix treatment that adds an exciting twist to the atmosphere of anticipation

In the original production, Greg Jirtitano showcases his versatile musical skills, contributing vocals, guitars, synths, while Gary Atturio handles bass, piano, organ, and synths. Josh Bailey takes charge of the drums, and Amy Gordon adds backing vocals. The song, written and produced by Greg Jirtitano, forms the foundation for Daniel Thielman's remix endeavor. 

Daniel Thielman's remix introduces additional instrumentation and a fresh production approach, elevating the track to new heights. The mix brings out the best in each element, creating a dynamic synergy between vocals, instruments, and beats.

Thielman's expertise shines through, enhancing the original's party vibe while adding a contemporary edge.

The remix credits Daniel Thielman for the additional instrumentation, production, and the overall remix. Thielman's touch injects a burst of energy into the track, making it a standout piece for those who appreciate a fusion of originality and modern flair.

"What You Gonna Bring" Daniel Thielman Mix breaks out as a must-listen remix, blending the talent of the original creators with Thielman's skillful production. This reimagined take promises to be a favorite, bringing excitement and anticipation to the floor.



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