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Amber McIntosh: Weaving Tales of Country Charm and Songwriting Brilliance

Discover the captivating journey of this rising singer songwriter Amber McIntosh as she embraces her roots and prepares to release new music

Amber McIntosh ©️ 2023


Today we have the pleasure to have Amber on Goathead!

GH: Hey Amber, Great to have you here ! Can you share with us some highlights from your personal career and musical journey so far? How did you initially get started as a singer-songwriter, and what were some of the defining moments along the way?

Amber: Hey everyone! When I was younger, I was very close with a musical uncle who played in blues/rock bands, he would perform at any chance he could and encourage me to sing with him. When I was 14 He bought me my first guitar even though I was adamant I was going to play the saxophone or drums and I refused to play the guitar. With some gentle persuasion from my family I’m glad I changed my mind and started playing guitar because after my first lesson I came home and wrote an entire song with lyrics. When I was about 9 years old I came out of my room one day (after performing to a sold out arena of my bratz dolls and stuffed toys) to tell my parents I was going to win Australian idol and I was going to sing Kasey Chambers “not pretty enough” and Delta Goodrem “Innocent Eyes” so I think my passion to write and perform started at that moment.

I would sing at local karaoke or open mic nights around my home town from the age of about 7 or 8.

In my teen years I would perform at the local festivals and school fetes or performing arts nights in my hometown and singing competitions performing my own songs accompanied by my guitar.

GH: As a country artist hailing from Far North Queensland, Australia, how has your geographical location influenced your music and songwriting? Are there any specific elements of your surroundings or local culture that find their way into your songs?

Amber: I grew up in Cairns where the reef meets the rainforest (and the rainforest meets our farm lands). Even though Cairns has been expanding quite rapidly over the last few years and we host more domestic visitors and travellers from overseas, I find that the true locals still have a very laid back, country town attitude to life.

I’d spend most of my childhood holidays between my home and friends or family’s property, helping them out on their farm or picking fruit and riding horses or just getting up to mischief chasing the cane trains behind our houses.

I think growing up in a town like this and being exposed to country music from my grandfather, who would tell me stories about his time working on station’s as a builder or remote town’s building airports also really influenced my beliefs and values that resonate with the style of music I write and enjoy.

GH: Your debut single, "Painted Me Grey," was released in 2021, followed by "Lost With Me" in July 2022. These releases have been received incredibly well, how have they contributed to the growth of your fanbase and recognition within the industry and the growth of yours, as an artist?

Amber: I have been incredibly lucky and blessed with these last few releases. I believe with ‘Painted Me Grey’ in particular this song established me as more of a singer songwriter and I’m lucky enough that my supporters really seemed to gravitate towards that.

The release of “Lost With Me” allowed me to connect with some really talented people in the industry and since then I’ve had the privilege of working with Curtis Lambert at Brakelight Productions to film the music video for “Lost With Me” and following that I was able to work with 2 time Golden Guitar Winner - Video of the Year, Jay Seeney at Blacklist Production House on the music video for my latest release, “Wasted”.

GH: You've had the opportunity to perform at various music festivals, including Winton Way Out West Fest, Kickstart Music Festival, and UFO festival in Cardwell. How have these live performances impacted your development as a performer, and do you have any memorable moments or experiences from these events?

Amber: I say that my childhood and early exposure to artist like Kasey Chambers and Norah Jones, definitely influenced my current love for country music however it has been my early 20s that has really inspired my songwriting and ignite my passion for performing.

I spent a lot of time working as a back up singer for another Australian Country artist and travelling around out west while following the rodeo and campdraft circuits. This allowed me the opportunity to perform and gain experience on stage at Winton Way Out West Fest, Kickstart Music Festival, and UFO festival in Cardwell. This exposure to the bigger stages has been a big drive for my passion to perform and share my own music with the world. I’m grateful for these opportunities while I was only starting out in the industry. They have been such a valuable experience and learning curve for me.

GH: Looking ahead, what are your goals and aspirations as an artist? Are there any upcoming projects, collaborations, or milestones that you're particularly excited about?

Amber: I have 3 new singles coming out over the next couple of months and I cannot wait to share those release dates. These singles will be accompanied with a music video and I’m very much looking forward to starting production on those with the talented Curtis Lambert at Brakelight Productions. I have been keeping this relatively quiet but I feel that now is a good time to share that I have been working hard writing an LP which I plan to release in the later half of this year.

Lots of exciting things to come in 2023 so I ask fans and supporters to keep an eye out on my social media platforms for release dates and upcoming shows!

GH: Thank you and pleasure of this great chat!

Amber: Pleasure is mine, until next time !


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