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Breaking Boundaries with High Hands: A Fusion of Genres and Styles.

High Hands talks about their journey as a musician, the development of their unique sound that incorporates various genres and eras, and their aspirations for reaching new audiences and making an impact in the music industry.

High Hands ©️ 2023


We had the pleasure to interview High Hands on Goathead !

GH: Hey High Hands, great to have you here! What inspired you to start the High Hands project and how has your music evolved over the years?

High Hands: High Hands has been a working title of mine for a handful of years. I started recording on my own in high school with a webcam microphone and some friends and through years of playing with my band THEMIXTAPE, acquired some better equipment and eventually landed where I am today - a cozy basement studio in my family home. It’s not much, but it gets the job done.

GH: Your music seems to draw from a variety of eras and styles. Can you tell us about some of your biggest musical influences and how they have shaped your sound?

High Hands: I grew up listening to my parents music. My fathers taste is all over the spectrum. Heavy on 80s, acoustic and 2000’s alternative. My mom was Celine Dion and pop music for the most part when I was young. I grew up when MySpace was all the rage so naturally a lot of my influence comes from the emo vein as well. Couple those influences growing up with a love for pop punk, pepper in a bit of EDM or chill house music and you’ve basically got my sound.

GH: Your debut releases like “I Talked to God” has been described as "well-crafted and polished." Can you walk us through your creative process and how you approach songwriting?

High Hands: The creative process always starts in my head. Im able to listen to the song mentally in a complete state before I put anything to the recording software. Naturally throughout the process things change - I may keep the vocal melody and change everything else. I may keep the entire instrumental but change the vocals, or any variance in between. Over time I’ve been able to develop my own production style and pick up on other skills from other producers. My technical ability is honestly probably pretty average, but at the end of the day, one of my other producer friends said it best. “If it makes the song better, it doesn’t matter how you got there.” 

GH: What has been your favorite performance or musical moment so far, and what do you hope to achieve with your music in the future?

High Hands: As High Hands, I have yet to do any live performances or really make my stamp. I guess from my past experience with THEMIXTAPE, my favorite performance would be way back during one of our album release shows. I think the room was a 700-800 capacity space and we sold it out. I can’t imagine many things are better than listening to a room full of people sing your songs back to you and dance around to the music. My future goals are pretty simple - I want to touch as many ears as possible and have fun while I’m doing it.

GH: Your music incorporates elements from various genres and eras. How do you strive to create a unique sound and style that sets High Hands apart from other artists in the music industry, and what do you hope listeners take away from your music?

High Hands: Developing my own unique sound isn’t something I’ve ever put too much thought into. I have a huge range of influences that will sometimes come to me in unexpected ways. The most important thing for me when I’m creating music is to stay true to myself, and to always do what’s best for the song. I think I’ll always have some elements that I’ll incorporate in most of my work, but the freedom to create without boundaries has always been the thing I love most about writing and producing music.

For me, writing songs is therapeutic. Sometimes I write on deeply personal topics and other times I’ll try to tell a story instead. My only hope is that listeners are able to relate in one way or another and if they can’t relate, that they can at least bop their head to it.

GH: High Hands, it was a pleasure to have you on Goathead ! Your name will be definetely heard in the business as we believe you are up to a really great start and setting in the industry! Can't wait to hear more from you!

High Hands: Thank You, guys! It was my pleasure !


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