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Cy Mayle: The Melodic Mastermind Blending Hip-Hop and RnB Culture with Emotional Authenticity

Cy Mayle takes us on a journey of his musical upbringing and shares how he creates emotionally resonating music with his unique blend of hip-hop and RnB culture in his latest interview with GoatHead.

Cy Mayle © 2023

GH: Great to have you here, Cy! How are you doing today?

CY MAYLE: Thank you for having me! I'm doing great, feeling inspired and ready to talk music.

GH: How did you first become interested in pursuing music and production? What steps did you take to develop your skills and establish yourself in the industry?

CY MAYLE: I've always had a connection with music since a young age, from beatboxing to playing the piano by ear. I loved hearing music and replicating what I heard on the piano, which helped me today with creating melodies.

I developed my skills through learning by ear, replicating what I heard from other artists both vocally and beat production wise, and obtaining a better understanding of mixing and mastering music. I've been producing for five years and recording, mixing, and mastering for major productions for four years.

GH: Your works often incorporate elements of hip-hop and street culture. How do you infuse your personal style and experiences into your music and beat making?

CY MAYLE: I incorporate a lot of my experiences into my songs that I feel resonate well with current hip-hop and RnB culture. Through the creation of certain melodies with bass, I feel that the vibe of some of my songs really resonates emotionally and can give the listener a feeling in that moment.

In terms of vocals and lyricism, I structure it based on culture, my experiences, and where I want to go in my life, and I display it emotionally through my music as well.

GH: "V.I.P." has a unique sound that blends different genres and influences. Can you walk us through your production process for the song and how you brought together different elements to create the final product?

CY MAYLE: When creating "V.I.P.," I thought about my experiences hearing that melody from Alice Deejay’s "Better Off Alone" at the local bar scene in my college Ohio University. The energy it would create, and it really resonated with me to create a song like that but in hip-hop and speak about where I want to be in the music industry: the money, fame, and growth, but also understanding that the journey and experiences while getting there matter the most.When writing the lyrics for the song, I wanted to incorporate how it would feel to become the best version of myself and be the person who has finally made it in the industry. I believe becoming that person is done long before the results show.

GH: Many of your songs explore personal themes and experiences, like your latest single "Last Forever." How do you navigate balancing vulnerability and authenticity in your songwriting while also creating music that resonates with a wider audience?

CY MAYLE: In my latest release, "Last Forever," I balanced vulnerability and authenticity by writing down my honest personal experiences in a way that could be broadly received by a larger audience. I feel that connecting with an audience by not telling them my personal experience but relating to one they may have had gets the emotion across better and more authentically. It's about finding the right balance between my personal story and the audience's story.

GH: Thank you so much for joining us today, Cy. It's been a pleasure to speak with you.

CY MAYLE: Thank you for having me, it's been a blast. Take care and keep on creating!

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