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From Boy Bands to Unapologetic Pop: Alexander Talks Nostalgia and Emotional Connections in His Music

In this exclusive interview with Alexander, we delve into the inspiration behind his hit single "Wasting Time", Nostalgia and his passion for creating emotional connections through his music and discusses his upcoming projects.

Alexander © 2000 (If You Get The Joke... You Get The Joke)

GH: Ay Oh Na Na Na Na, Look Who's Back With Some News!

Alexander: I'm definitely back.

GH: Without "Wasting Time"...Ha. What inspired you to write your hit single "Wasting Time," and how did you come up with the lyrics and melody for the song?

Alexander: "Wasting Time" was meant to be a song for TV placement. My producer/writing partner sent me the track right after I had just a conversation with a friend about how in relationships I tend to move quickly because I hate wasting my or other people's time and I just want to know if it’s going to work or not. And when I played the track and started singing gibberish over the track to find a melody, I sang the hook on a freestyle and the song came together in like 30 mins! Haha I loved it so much and knew I needed to release it. I’m obsessed with early 2000’s pop and this song just hit all the nostalgic spots for me.

GH: What has been the most memorable moment of your music career so far, and why was it so special to you?

Alexander: My career started in a boy band in LA. That experience is responsible for pretty much everything that’s happened in my life. The work in the studio, performing, singing ability, networking, etc. I had a lot of firsts in that time and credit it to where I am today. I hold that time in my life as some of my most memorable moments.

GH: How do you approach the creative process when writing new music, and what do you find most challenging about it?

Alexander: My creative process is all over the place. If I’m given a song to write to, I’ll typically dive into my many many notes with song ideas and see if anything fits the vibe. If I’m starting from an idea I will usually sit at the piano and just play til it all comes together. And then sometimes I’ll just record a voice note with a melody in my head and send it off to inspire a track! Just depends on what the goal is. But lyrics tend to come very quickly for me so I love that part of songwriting exploration.

GH: What can fans expect from your upcoming projects, and are there any collaborations or new releases in the works that you're excited about?

Alexander: I’ve entered a new chapter in my life. The songs I’m working on are very unapologetically me. I’m taking some risks with material and trying to challenge myself vocally. Currently no collaboration as of yet, but I LOVE working with a team! I’ve been itching to branch out and would love to work with a DJ and do some fun pop dance music. I’m currently working on an R&B pop style song that’s very reminiscent of the style of music I was doing in the boy band. I’m excited to tackle the material as a solo artist.

GH: We will definitely know before anyone else when the single is about to come out.

But we can't wait to have you here again with us!

Alexander: Thank you for having me!

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