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Sarah Azhari: Hit After Hit...

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Sarah Azhari has had quite of few years, from her come back to the music industry with "Last Christmas" to mega-hits "Dance To Survive" and "Near Or Far". Is a new single in the making?

Sarah Azhari © 2023

Indonesian artist Sarah Azhari has sat with us to talk Life and Music.

Is New Music Coming? Let's Find Out!

GH: And the Queen....has come back from Indonesia. How's Everything? Missed LA?

Sarah Azhari: I'm back! It was great to see so many familiar faces over there, and I did miss Indonesia so much. I could not come back since COVID, and one reason or another has kept me away from it. It was a well-needed journey back to my homeland!

GH: You have been working really hard on your music and film journey here, it took us a lot of effort to achieve what we did in the past years. What's new?

Sarah Azhari: It's good to be back in LA. I love this city, and it's always a pleasure to be working here on my music and movie ventures. There's a lot in the making. I am back in the studio, working with a few producers on a couple new singles. It will be a really great journey to pull out some new music.

GH: You have mentioned that you are passionate about promoting mental health and self-care. How do you incorporate these values into your music, and what message do you hope to convey to your listeners?

Sarah Azhari: Writing and working on lyrics that address prevalent mental health problems like anxiety, depression, or trauma while simultaneously conveying themes of optimism and self-empowerment is one approach to achieve this. Lyrics that, for instance, promote self-awareness, empowering self-talk, and self-compassion can be effective instruments for advancing mental health and wellbeing. The sounds and rhythms in music can significantly affect our emotional state in addition to the lyrics. Upbeat, lively music can be inspiring and encouraging, while slow, relaxing music can assist relieve stress and encourage relaxation. Artists can create a space that promotes mental and emotional health by incorporating these kinds of sounds and rhythms into their music.In the end, listeners should receive a message of self-acceptance, self-care, and self-empowerment. Dance to Survive was a great example for this.

GH: We made of "Dance To Survive" a MASSIVE HIT, it is sometime really hard to duplicate the same successes over and over again, how excited you are to be working a new single?

Sarah Azhari: Really excited, Dance to Survive was my little way of telling my fans to not give up and just keep dancing and living; it's not only a song about COVID; sometimes the only thing that you have left to do after a rough day is to dance, live, eat healthy, laugh, and just try to have some fun; it's a song about not giving up on the upsides of life, no matter how much life can bring you down. COVID was terrible for all of us, and I am glad my fanbase loved the single and helped them through those circumstances. I sing songs that I feel are part of everybody's journey through life; Near or Far has the same concept: at some point someone close to us will be gone and we will miss that person; all we need to do is think of their presence and the memories that person had of us, and the pain, the fears, and the nightmares will ease away by their thoughts and our love. The beautiful thing about life is that things will eventually come to an end, and so will my music. What I'll leave are a few songs people will dance to, cry over, or be joyful and excited about. I'm definitely not retiring from music anytime soon though.

GH: Gladly!!! What can fans expect from your upcoming projects and releases, and how do you plan to continue evolving as an artist?

Sarah Azhari: Many surprises and new music will be coming soon. I am definitely feeling creative and gladly I am able to spend my time in the studio with producers creating my new songs and plan them with you guys to be the best way they can be, excited for this really new song produced by The Wilsets and ASTRØMAN, and wrote by Beth Bella and I.

it will be a really incredible song to dance for!

GH: We are excited about what is coming! Thank you for sharing your time with us, Sarah!

Sarah Azhari: My pleasure, Goathead. You guys are the best!


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