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From SoundCloud to Stardom: Second Spring's Journey in the Minneapolis Music Scene

Inside the mind of Second Spring: A singer/songwriter redefining indie-pop

Second Spring © 2023

GH: Welcome To Goathead!

Second Spring: Thanks for having me!

GH: Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into music?

Second Spring: Of course! My name is Second Spring and I’m a singer/songwriter based in Minneapolis. I’ve always been drawn to music and started writing songs when I was young. I began posting my songs on SoundCloud and then later on Spotify, but it wasn’t until recently that I started taking it more seriously as a potential career.

GH: When did you first realize that you wanted to pursue music as a career, and what was your journey like in getting to where you are today?

Second Spring: I’ve loved writing songs since I was young, but only recently considered it to be an actual possibility for a future career. I started posting songs on SoundCloud when I was in high school and put a few things on Spotify but didn’t put in the work to actually make them sound like polished songs. I still cherish them and am nostalgic for them, but I am happy with the evolution of my sound. I think in December of 2022 I was constantly writing and creating and started reaching out to people for help producing, for collaboration, etc., and seeking that sort of community made me feel like there was a possibility to actually do something with it. In other words, realizing that I don’t have to do everything by myself and my work is far better for it!

GH: "Crocodile Tears" has been a big hit for you. Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the song, and what it means to you personally?

Second Spring: Crocodile Tears is a sort of musical eulogy for complicated friendships and relationships I have had. It was inspired by the grieving period after being ghosted by someone you cared deeply about and not knowing why- what could you have done better, is there something wrong with you, etc., and coming to terms with that loss. I was thinking, if there is no “closure” (whatever that actually means) then can I ever really heal and grow from this? I had to answer a lot of questions in the aftermath of these friendships by myself and based on my own very internalized view of whatever happened so this song helped me process those feelings out loud.

GH: Minneapolis is known for its vibrant music scene. What has been your experience as a singer/songwriter in the city, and what opportunities has it provided for your career?

Second Spring: My experience has been absolutely wonderful! I think when I was growing up, I just assumed there were no opportunities in Minneapolis and you had to move to LA or New York or something, despite so many legends being from here. And I have very limited experience actually performing still, so my connections were made mostly on the internet, and I have so many talented peers! I think the biggest opportunities have been in terms of networking and learning about the world of music. There are so many exciting things happening in the music world that I am just becoming in tune to, and I am so grateful for my Minneapolis musician friends for showing me the ropes even though I just recently started actually using a metronome when recording my songs. In short, the biggest opportunities for advancement have come from others' kindness, and the city is full of it!

GH: Your sound has been described as a mix of indie-pop and electronic/pop rock. How did you develop this unique style of yours, and who are some of your biggest musical influences?

Second Spring: All of my songs start off in my phone’s notes app and are often very “stream of consciousness.” I have tons and tons of puzzle pieces, as I think of them, that never fit together. As such, I think my songs on their own have a sort of disjointed feeling, and it’s actually through my collaboration with others that they really

GH: It was a pleasure to have you here, today! We can't wait to hear more songs coming from you!

Second Spring: Thank You, looking forward to release more music soon!

Make sure to add Second Spring on Instagram and Listen To Crocodile Tears Here


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