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Je'Me Ty'Eese: A Rising Star on Her Journey to Groove and Grace.

Goathead talks with Je'Me Ty'Eese about her inspiration, songwriting process, challenges as an independent artist, and upcoming EP release.

Je'Me Ty'Eese © 2023


GH: Hey Queen, Great to have you here!

Je'Me Ty'Eese: Hello everybody, thank you for having me!

GH: What inspired you to start pursuing music as a career, and who are some of your biggest musical influences?

Je'Me Ty'Eese: Well, I’ve always loved music. It’s always been my go-to for space and peace. When I felt low, down, or even happy, I’d find my feelings in a song. It made me want to step back into an era I once had when I was a young girl. I wanted to see what I could do and what I could come up with, and I wanted to see if the feelings were mutual in the lives of others when they listened to my music.I’m influenced by a few musical artists! Summer Walker is my favorite artist. Even though she’s not from way back then, she sets the tone for us ladies! She gives us all the hope we need for R&B. Back then, when I was younger, I loved Ciara (and still do), and she always loved other female artists. It was amazing to me. Summer reminds me of her. They’re super uplifted, and Summer Walker is just a humble, sweet human being, if you ask me! There are other artists like Chris Brown, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and Mary J! I could go on and on. haha. They are so inspiring.

GH: How do you approach the songwriting process, and what are some of the key themes or messages that you like to explore in your music?

Je'Me Ty'Eese: I approach the songwriting process based on my feelings! I can only be real. I have to speak about things that have happened to me in real life. I feel it’s the only way to understand my emotions behind it—it lets me know if I’m still dealing with something, if I'm over it, or if it wasn’t really anything to me. I'd like people to see me! see the real me. I understand that I am human just like them, but I am a living testimony that life can do a whole 360, and you can wake up today and be golden if you have the mentality to be successful. Most people don’t achieve because they don’t believe. You can’t fake belief either. It’ll show through your work if you do...I want to attend more shows, travel to new places, and network with some headquarters about fashion tips. I also want to perform more and be the best I can be.

GH: What are some of the biggest challenges you have faced as an independent artist, and how have you worked to overcome them?

Je'Me Ty'Eese: So, there are lots of things that've made me feel like I wanted to quit doing music. It was more so in the beginning. I wanted things to work right away for me, not realizing how much my career was a job just like my 9-5. I had to understand investment. At first, I waited for things to come to me. I gained more knowledge by beginning to surround myself with very level-headed people. They were on the road to success. I need to be around people who have ambition. Every day was a new day to go vegan and share my journey. I ran into financial problems during my career that made me doubt myself, but my supporters gave me much hope. They always give me so much encouragement that it keeps me going. I upgraded to a loan specialist and started making more money to invest in myself while still paying my bills and taking care of my boys. It was all about trusting the process. Even when I thought I wouldn’t, I always looked at the brighter things or talked to the people I knew cared about my goals.

GH: Can you tell us more about your upcoming EP release? What can fans expect from the new music?

Je'Me Ty'Eese: I want my fans to be able to see my fun side! See another side of me; I do have feelings sometimes, but I love fun and groovy music. I love to dance most of the time, and that’s really why I love pop and hip-hop music. I love a groovy feel. I want my fans to expect a turnout! Expect to see the new and improved, and the greatest of the great! I want them to be like, Wow, this girl is really amazing!

GH: We are sure, they will see that. Nice meeting you Je'Me Ty'Eese, We have no doubts we will hear this name quite more often in the near future!

Je'Me Ty'Eese: Aw, Thank You Goathead for having me! It was a pleasure!


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