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Mats Shanley "Summ" Drifting with Mars: A Conversation with a 150-Year-Old Piano

Mars Shanley's "Summa" unveils a celestial dance of history and emotion, echoing stories untold in every resonating note. Join the intimate dialogue of past meets present in this neo-classical masterpiece


In the rich tapestry of modern classical and minimalistic music, few artists resonate as deeply as Mars Shanley. With the release of "Summa" under the celebrated Digitality Records, Shanley solidifies her position as a beacon of intricate soundscapes and profound emotional depth.

From the onset, Mars's background is fascinating. A musical prodigy, she began her romance with the piano as a teen, and her passion has only intensified with time. She's not just a performer but a comprehensive musician, involving herself in every step of the process, from composition to engineering and final production.

Her studies at Ballyfermot College reveal a commitment to not only mastering her craft but understanding the very foundation of sound production and engineering.

Her influences, spanning from classical to traditional to world music, speak of a global consciousness, but it's her special affection for the Irish language that adds a unique cadence to her compositions.

Earning accolades early in her career, notably winning the National Irish Song contest Mol An Oige and receiving praise from the legendary Mike Scott, she embarked on a journey that many only dream of. Yet, she never lost sight of her roots, collaborating with fellow artists and contributing to events, shows, and festivals.

"Summa" is a testament to this journey. It's not just a piece of music; it's an ethereal experience. The piece symbolizes a dialogue - a melodic exchange between Shanley and a century-and-a-half old piano. One can't help but be swept away by the sheer intimacy of this conversation. Every note is a whisper, every chord, a deep sigh.

The title, meaning "Drift", couldn't be more apt, as listeners will find themselves drifting into a contemplative state, lost in the ebb and flow of Mars's enchanting melodies.

However, the magic of "Summa" lies beyond its audible beauty. It's in the story it tells. Mars, having balanced her artistry with the nurturing of her three children, brings a maternal tenderness to her compositions. The world's halt during the Covid pandemic served as a poignant backdrop, compelling her to plunge back into her lifelong passion, resulting in this masterpiece.

The artist's words add another layer of understanding. Her composition seems to be "something broken, yet beautiful", and in "Summa", this juxtaposition is clear. It’s as if Mars is sharing a secret with her listeners, a raw, vulnerable secret, laden with hope, pain, love, and a myriad of emotions.

As we eagerly anticipate her upcoming EP, it's evident that Mars Shanley is not just a musician but a storyteller, painting vivid images with her notes, drawing listeners into her world, one composition at a time.

For those who seek not just music, but an experience, a journey of the spirit and soul, "Summa" is essential.




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