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The Sonic Wizardry of TashKii: Blending Flair Landscapes and Raw Emotion in Music

The Producer and Musician Shares Her Creative Insights and Techniques Behind Her Latest Single "Slave 4U" and much more!

TashKii ©️ 2023


Today we have the pleasure to have this talented producer on Goathead !

GH: Hey TashKii! Thank you for being here today! How did you first get interested in music production, and what drew you to the artistry that you specialize in?

TashKii: Hi! It's a pleasure to be here ! I've been playing piano since I was 5 and grew up in a family of musicians, so my love for music started at a very early age. However, I started dabbling in production in 2015 when I fell in love with Kygo's music.

GH: Your music often incorporates a lot of different sounds and textures. What is your process like for creating a track from start to finish, and how do you decide which elements to include?

TashKii: I usually start with a chord progression when it comes to vocal songs. I can spend hours upon hours going through sound libraries and playing around with sound design until I find something I like. Once I have some pads and synths, I can figure out the feel of the song. However, with cinematic and scoring pieces, I don't think about it at all; I just create layers of what feels right.

GH: Your latest single, "Slave 4U," has been getting a lot of attention for its incredible, atmospheric sound. Can you tell us a bit about the inspiration behind that track and how you went about creating its distinctive vibe?

TashKii: Thank you! This is actually one of the first songs I've ever produced; I just ended up remaking it multiple times. It has a special place in my heart since I wrote it while I was still at Nimbus School of Recording. I like to incorporate a lot of cinematic aspects into my songs to create a visual for my listeners.

GH: You've collaborated with a lot of different artists over the years. Are there any particular collaborations that stand out as especially memorable or influential to you?

TashKii: I really enjoyed collaborating with MadLoveMusic on the song Ugly Choices. It's a song that is much different from all of my others and has a very intense feel to it. He really helped me bring out the fierce side of me in that song.

GH:  As both a producer and a musician, what are some of the biggest challenges you face when trying to bring your creative vision to life, and how do you overcome them?

TashKii: I'd say the challenges when it comes to creation are creative blocks. Creativity isn't something that works from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; it can come and go, and sometimes it shows up at 3 a.m. Having a phone ready to hum the tune that gets stuck in my head super late at night has been my savior. I also found that during writer's blocks, focusing on other tasks of the song, such as mixing and carving out a sound, will help elevate those blocks. If you just keep at it and keep going, it will happen. Taking breaks also helps clear my mind so that I can come back to the song with a fresh perspective.

GH: Well, it was great chatting with you, Tashkii. Take care and we are sure we will hear about you !

Tashkii: Thanks for having me, it was great talking to you too. Take care!

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