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Unmasking Dancefloor's Emotive Symphony: Vance's Disco-Pop Chronicles Illuminate Queer Experience

Goathead Dives into the Mesmerizing Soundscapes and Personal Revelations of Vance's Unique Musical Odyssey.

Vance ©️ 2023


Today we have the great pleasure to have Vance on Goathead !

GH: Hi Vance, thanks for being here! Can you tell us about your journey to becoming a pop-disco artist and singer? Who were your biggest inspirations along the way, and how did you get started?

Vance: Well, I love dance music and pop music. I grew up watching TRL and MTV at the end of their relevancy in the music industry. I find dance music, in particular, to be such an immediate way to affect people because it requires no understanding of the words in order to move to it. Dancing to a good pop track is such a euphoric experience. I find it sensual and inviting, so to me, it seemed like the perfect medium. I absolutely love rock and metal too, so you never know what I'll explore down the road.

GH: Your music has been described as a blend of classic disco, EDM, and dance-pop, yet your sounds are fresh and energetic. How did you go about creating this unique style?

Vance: I get inspired by other great music, and anything that excites me, I internalize aspects of it that make it great. In my own music, I put my own spin on it. I consciously think about how my music can stand out. I don't mind creating something that's "on trend," but at the end of the day, my goal is to make something timeless and so catchy that you can't get it out of your head. I studied classical music in college, so a lot of the sensibilities in my music come from that in terms of structures. I like to have multiple layers, with one coming in as another one exits, kind of like a symphony. It's all about storytelling and the journey that I take the listener on. I like to surprise and challenge their expectations to some extent.

GH: What is your favorite project of all time, and why does it hold a special place in your heart?

Vance: One of my favorite projects would have to be my latest single, "Strobe Lights." It holds a special place in my heart because the lyrical content is all about dysfunctional attachment styles that many of us have. It's a reflection on my own attachment issues and how they show up in romantic relationships, especially through the lens of a queer person. The song delves into the pain and healing needed within the queer community, covering up the suffering with partying, promiscuity, and unhealthy behaviors. I hope that listeners will reflect on their own attachment dynamics and the cycle of pleasure and pain that isn't sustainable in the long run.

GH: Your live shows are known for being incredibly energetic and dynamic. What's your secret to keeping the audience engaged and entertained?

Vance: I did a lot of musicals and operas in college and some outside of it, and I think you just have to be instinctual and not overly concerned with being perfect. People love naturalness on stage, and often the reason people say they love certain performers is for that reason, even if they may not consciously realize it. A live performance of one of my songs is like a little theater show. It's really just playing for me. I've had good performances and totally bombed others, but it's part of it. You have to accept that reality to make this a career. I hope to do a lot more of it this year.

GH: Looking towards the future, what can fans expect from you in terms of new music, collaborations, or upcoming projects? Is there anything in particular that you're excited to work on or share with your audience?

Vance: Well, I'm currently looking for new collaborators, and next year, I may release a debut album depending on the kind of momentum I can build this year. I see this as just the beginning of my journey, and everything else up until this point has been a test of my own resiliance and dedication to my craft and commitment as an artist. I definitely have more music coming out soon and for the rest of the year, so I am excited for others to support me on my journey. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to speak about my art here; it is greatly appreciated!

GH: The pleasure is all ours to have such a talent here! Thanks for being here, Vance


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