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Frank Carrozzo Talks A Little.

Despite his press shyness; who personally knows Frank, also knows he is on a lot of phone calls. The founder's interview for Music Business Insiders quotes: “Frank gets on a phone call with Indonesian singer and actress Sarah Azhari, discussing the settings for a next video.” Frank’s new focuses and directions became different over time, but when questioned about the record label business model, he recalls something did not change by the time he founded Goat Head Records: “I based this company on having a limited amount of artists on it as a family, and I intend to keep it this way for a long time, I want them to know that they matter, as they mean everything to this company and me”. Frank also says: "You usual call your family and talk to them, advice them, comfort them, propose them, discuss the good and the bad things, this is what family does and it is for...and this is what the label's artists meansto me".



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